We are a prolific 9 member R&B/Funk/Jazz/Motown ensemble that performs music, on a large scale format. The word "Show" was added because of the male and female vocalists. Ivory Staton has a contralto voice and when she's on the mic, she lights  up the room like no other with her stage presence. Tennyson Price sings the hits from ths "50s" through the "90s". Name it and he'll sing it! He is very interactive with the crowd and will make you want to get up out of your seat! He has the dance moves of James Brown, Michael Jackson, Mc Hammer, Morris Day of the "Time". THE BAND IS A DELIGHT TO SEE AND HEAR!!
The Riseband was founded in 1978 by Ernest Bennett. When Herb Alpert put out an instrumental song called "Rise", Ernest, being a trumpet player himself, enjoyed it so much that he decided to name his band the "Riseband and Show!!
Riseband & Show
"Appearing Above The Horizon"
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